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H2 – We work with over 400 businesses, community organisations and schools to help tackle the climate crisis in Camden and be a local force for good.

H3 – Over the last few years, organisations in Camden have been, and continue to be stretched in order to respond to expected demands, which at times has made it more challenging to pursue climate ambitions. That’s why a key priority of the alliance is to help unlock value for – and with – our business and community partners to enable and inspire climate action that has the potential to deliver meaningful, long-lasting, positive change.

H4 – To bring this vision to life, we work with our business and community partners on a variety of projects and programmes that create opportunities for working together, to reduce carbon emissions, invest in our young people, improve local air quality and green local spaces.

H5 – We think it’s important that our work is framed around a set of moral codes – not only to help guide the way that we work and how we support our network, but to set a precedent for our members.
H6 – Transparent: A network of like-minded organisations that you can trust, share best practice, and seek advice from

quote – Value-transfer: Empowering your organisation to support value creation opportunities inside and outside of your organisation

P – Collaboration: Working with others to strengthen relationships, generate ideas and deliver higher impact projects

Action: Seeking out ways of delivering immediate and effective action, whether you’re new to climate or leading the way

Reimagine: Camden – known for it’s rebellious spirit, means we’re open to redefining the parameters in which we work, to help accelerate climate action

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