06 July 2023

A business case for building climate resilience

This year, London Climate Action Week is centred on four key pillars with climate resilience playing a starring role.

Camden has been no stranger to record breaking temperatures and flash flooding episodes in most recent years, with residents and businesses impacted by the increased frequency of extreme weather events.

In the way that businesses would plan for any risk, it’s important that the impacts of climate change are considered on how this could effect business operations.

Last month we ran a seminar to help businesses identify potential climate risks and the benefits of planning for them:

  1. Cost-saving – make informed investment decisions and lower long-term costs
  2. Business continuity – mitigate climate risks for uninterrupted operations and customer satisfaction
  3. Competitive advantage – explore opportunities, reduce costs, and manage climate risks effectively
  4. Reputational benefits – boost investor/client confidence in your organisation or brand.

Access the presentation slides here, or catch up on the recording here.

Following #LCAW2023, The Mayor of London announced that he has commissioned an independent review to make recommendations to guide London’s actions on preparing for more extreme weather. The review seeks to identify actions that can be taken to ensure that London as a whole is climate ready.

Businesses are being encouraged to partake in the feedback process so  that their lived experiences relating to extreme weather events can be considered and contribute to the creation of effective policies, tailored to real local needs.

Embracing the review’s recommendations will enable businesses to build resilience and ensure their operations are sustainable and resilient in the face of climate change.

Businesses have until Saturday 2 September to submit feedback and evidence, details of which can be found here.  The Review team will publish the report in December 2023.